Size Before You Buy.

In the last article that I posted, I talked about the nine zero-waste things that I couldn’t live without. Number 5 is an essential part of being zero waste because of the amount of plastic that shampoo, conditioner, and body wash companies use to make their products. The thing is, this is one of the things that is the biggest hassle for me.

The shampoo bars and the body soap bars are AMAZING and I suggest everyone use them. My hair is thicker and fuller since I haven’t been putting sulfates in my hair from traditional shampoo. SO my issue isn’t the function of the product itself but rather the size of the product.

The beast of shopping bulk is knowing that you are going to get more than you normally would especially for things that have a long shelf life. This is very true for organic soaps. The bars are bigger than the average soap bar and can sometimes be in an odd shape.

Now this wouldn’t be much of an issue if I didn’t travel often or if I didn’t live in a dorm shared shower setting. Since having my own personal bathroom isn’t a reality for me I have to go to using soap tins.

The market for zero waste soap tins is meager. I have a single square soap tin and a circular LUSH soap tin. Both are great but if you make silly mistakes like I tend to make you will see the same issue I have with soap.

Now, after this long winded explanation of the most interesting topic on the planet, soap, we arrive at the purpose and title of this post; Size before you buy.

I have made this mistake time and time again, just buying what smells nice or comes from a company I like without making sure it will fit in the tin. Now I know this is isn’t a problem for everyone but if you are a broke college student LUSH can get pricey. I love their products and I know their soap bars will fit in the tin that I have that they make but for some reason I still choose to get square shampoo bars and try to make them fit into a round tin.

Now at this point you may be thinking, “Jo, you said earlier that you had a square soap tin why not just use that?”. Well I’m glad you asked and the answer is as follows; I also use a soap bar for my body that is actually bigger than my square soap tin, I made a bad decision to buy before I made sure it would fit. So I already had a problem with the big bar and it needed to fit into the square tin so that’s why I was stuck with the round tin for my shampoo bar.

My advice is to take your tin with you to buy your product and MAKE SURE IT FITS! If you are stuck here’s a tip for the time being. The body soap I use is great (a review of it will be up soon) and I don’t want to switch so I have been cutting my soap bar and I keep the shavings in a tin. My plan is eventually just to melt it down and make new soap bar with it. This is my solution to the issue but if you have the option to save the hassle, do it! Remember, size before you buy!

By Jordan Carfield

Edited by Dray Murray

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